Metamorfosis got nominated for the Cinder Awards!

So yeah! That’s the news! Two days ago I found out Metamorfosis, my 2022 horror anthology got nominated to the Cinder Awards, in the Best Anthology category.

Will this book break the curse? Will it not? Only time will tell! Regardless of the result, I am happy about it. So much attention to detail and hard work go into all of my books that it’s nice to see it recognized somehow.

nominees for best anthology, including metamorfosis
the anthology team!

I wrote in detail about the book over here, but just in case you missed it, the short version is that Metamorfosis is a horror anthology that gathers most of my latest short comics, from La Farfalla to Las Rayas, an exclusive comic made just for this anthology (and the first time I’ve adapted a story by fellow capricorn Horacio Quiroga).

It’s nightmarish, sexy, strange and with an underlying sense of danger. Pretty delicious for a horror book.

If you haven’t read it yet, so far it’s available in spanish in Argentina (distribution is by Che Distribución). Please give it some love! Thank you!

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