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Open Call PSYCHOPOMP IV: Cockfight. The Mafia Edition.

Open Call PSYCHOPOMP IV: Cockfight. The Mafia Edition.


Gutter Glitter is a small press publisher based in Buenos Aires. Every year we release an anthology of comics and illustrated short stories centred on a different genre. This year, the theme will be «Mafia», so get your mobstar spirit ready and read on!


Specs for Comics:
4 to 12 pages
book size: 14,5cm wide x 21cm tall.
live area: 13×19,5cm
in case you want the art to bleed: 15,5x22cm
in case you need a template thingie, there’s one here.
300dpi, high quality .jpg or .tiff
Avoid placing the text close to the edge of the page, for all that it’s holy.
black and white and all the grey shades in the desaturated rainbow.
deadline: February 28th
send everything in low res to submissions@gutterglitter.net, but do have it available in 300dpi, high res .jpg in case you are chosen.
The book will be printed in Spanish -Gutter is a Buenos Aires-based indie small press project-, but we have translators available, so if you want to send the script in English we can translate it :)

If you want to see any of our previous projects to get an idea of what we usually go for, you can visit our site and take a peek :D www.gutterglitter.net
send everything to: submissions@gutterglitter.net
Deadline: March 31st, 2015
Specs for Illustrators:

This time we’ve decided to make some changes, and we’ll be receiving portfolios up to December. After this date, we’ll assign a short story to the chosen artists for them to illustrate with at least 3 illustrations. Because the book will be in Spanish, and we don’t have the time to translate the stories to English, it will be necessary for the artists to understand Spanish or have someone around to tell them what the story they need to illustrate is about.

send your portfolio to: submissions@gutterglitter.net
Deadline portfolios: December 31st, 2014
Deadline finished illustrations: March 31st, 2015

¿How to participate?
Send your submissions to submissions@gutterglitter.net in low res (just make sure to have your work ready in high resolution in case we pick you, same with your contact info so we can credit you properly!) Each artist will get an issue of the book they appeared in. Due to our small runs, in case of creative teams (comic artist+script writer, for example), they will still receive one issue for the team.
Gutter Glitter keeps only the non-exclusive rights to publish the creators’ works in said anthology. Any question just let us know!
(please share in case you know someone who might be interested in participating, thanks!)

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